Friday, December 01, 2006

Work to the Personal Level

As you build their trust with an eletter your free names will move closer to purchasing something from you. I use the phrase, “Don’t just build a business, and build a community”.

The Web is filled with thousands of websites that are little more than advertisements, drawing little or no traffic, and do not generate revenue. The question to ask is…

How can you make yours different?
How do you get visitors to stay?
How can you get them to return?
How can you close sales?

Simply put… one must create value for an Internet business. You can do this by focusing on a clear purpose, and being entertaining, interactive, informative, current, AND most importantly – giving away value.

Then if you can reach your readers on a personal level… creating an exchange of ideas, opinions and facts, you’ll have a solid relationship built on trust. That’s when they read your eletter everyday, read the ads everyday and buy when you ask them to. You’ll have something special. You can convert the free name to a paid “front end” buyer and the more involved the community the higher the conversion rate.

Such a content rich free site will make your online business a "resource", which will encourage repeat visits and word of mouth referrals. By incorporating a free eletter and sending this value via email allows for further follow up with people who have expressed interest or visited the site. It also encourages other related businesses to link to you because you offer valuable information that they want to share with their visitors. This brings more traffic and high rankings in the engines.