Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Play To Your Strengths

I'm not a writer... I'm a marketer. So let's talk marketing and my strength - list building.

If you're interested in making money on the Internet, there's one simple skill you absolutely, positively must excell in... acquiring "opt in" email addresses.

Why do I need a list?

When your business builds a list, you immediately have an incredibly valuable asset. It's a database of potential customers you can market to, as often as you like, for almost zero cost. Don’t under estimate the power, advantage, and opportunity this gives you. Having an in-house e-mail list gives you access to an ongoing conversation with people who like and trust you.

They have asked you (opted in to your eletter) to send them specific information that will enhance their life or business in some way. AND when someone asks you to send them information on a regular basis, they’re much more receptive to your advertising and/or promotions.

So get an email address and you’ll make money, right?

That’s half the battle. The other half is building a relationship. Like you have heard me say many times... you don’t build a business or a list – you must build a community.

As those on your list get to know you and the value of the information you provide them, they will start to trust you. You're goal is to create an eletter of value that readers will look forward to reading on a regular basis... and when it's time to buy a suggested product or service, chances are they will purchase from you instead of from someone else.

Make the content and the advertising as good as you can and odds are both will be read. Logic tells us... If no one reads the eletter can you really expect them to read the adverts?

Have you heard the phrase "the money is in the list”?

That’s true… but the money isn't so much "in the list" as it is in having a solid strategy for generating email addresses that are interested in your products and services, and having the opportunity to market your products and services directly TO that list.

At then end of the day, what really counts is (a) how many people are on your list and (b) what is the Relationship/Trust/Credibility that you have with your readers.

So get people to sign up to your e-letter. Keep them enthralled with value. In return they will trust you, and they will buy from you... over, and over, and over…