Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why is email marketing so popular?

People are always asking me this question... you'd think by now folks would get it. But they don't. Simply put - email works. I mean really well.

Why is Spam all over the place?

(Besides the fact that CANSPAM legalized it – don’t get me started!)

It works... spammers wouldn’t spend all that money changing servers and sending from overseas IP addresses if it lost money. Would they? No way – more Spam is coming because spammers are getting rich. But if spammers only knew how profitable “opt in” email could really be. Hmmm... maybe things would change…

Ah well… let’s keep that secret to us. I know it works... and you soon will know too!

Also keep in mind that sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication. Cheaper than mail, phone, fax, text message, etc. Plus compared to just having a web site, email lets you deliver your message to the people. (A website is pull marketing, where the people have to come to your message, email is push.) You send the message to them... a targeted marketing message delivered on your terms.

Advantage Email.

I've been involved in email marketing for 8 years now and no other direct response nor web-based marketing is more profitable. I’ve helped bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in the information publishing industry.

It's doesn't happen overnight... and it can seem overwhelming for just one person... but with a little help, some outsourcing and the right amount of technology... you too can bring in millions with email.