Tuesday, December 04, 2007

PubCon Equals CVoD

"Google plus Digg equals Love" ~ Chris Winfield, President and Co-Founder of 10e20.com, at PubCon 2007
Welcome to Las Vegas and PubCon. The first day was quick and before you knew it we were sipping suds at the Didit Cocktail reception.

The best part came at the end of the day special Search Forum.

The question posed by moderator Guy Kawasaki was a hypothetical. It went something like this... "if you decided to leave your current position and start you own web business what would you do to conqueror your current employers listings? In other words, how would you own the top rankings?"

The question was posed to Google's Matt Cutts, Yahoo!'s Tim Mayer & Daniel Boberg, Rahul Lahiri of Ask.com, and Eytan Seidman of Microsoft's Live Search.

The answer?

All came to the same conclusion after first dodging a direct answer. Simply put... create valuable content for your audience and create an interactive community, not just a business.

Nice to hear the search world is in agreement - Create value or die!


PS - much more to come from DAY ONE later... must sleep.