Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Room For Improvement

"People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading." ~ Logan Pearsall Smith, (1865-1946), an American essayist and critic.
A recent Jupiter Research study regarding the behavior of email subscribers says that following are industry averages:

- deliverability rates of 88 percent,
- open rates of 20 percent,
- click-through rates of 9.5 percent and
- conversions of 1.1 percent.

What does this mean? Is this good?

It means every time you broadcast your e-letter that 12% of the list never receives it... 80% never "open" it, more than 90% never click on the links and 99% don't buy anything. Are you depressed?

Don't be.

In my minds eye... although the delivery seems low, the other numbers seem really high compared to the last industry average I've seen.

So I take this as good news. So much so I want to repeat it...on any given day 80% of the subscribers on your list won't open your missive and I'm happy about that?


Look on the positive side... that leaves room for 80% improvement. AND how do you get more people to open and more importantly to actually read your editorial?

CVoD baby!

Loyal readers know what I mean... but if you're a newbie to this space, read this past issue entitled
Respect, Editorial & Worms
where we discuss improving all marketing via better editorial.

In sum,
"If you write your editorial with the understanding that not only will your copy benefit the reader and make you money, but it will also keep your delivery, open, retention, and click through rates high... AND in turn keep your spam complaints low... why wouldn’t you spend more time on good copy & editorial?"
That's CVoD.