Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don’t just build a business - build a community!

Reach your readers on a personal level. Keep them reading... build trust. Treat them like a neighbor…

Don’t lecture, share ideas… give and take.

If you can do this... creating an exchange of ideas, opinions and facts, you’ll have a solid relationship built on trust. That’s when they read your eletter everyday, read the ads everyday and buy when you ask them to. You’ll have something special. You can convert the free name to a paid “front end” buyer and the more involved the community the higher the conversion rate.

What will your readers say?

“The first thing I hear when I come up from my office downstairs every morning is, did The Daily Reckoning arrive yet? My wife thinks it's the best thing since the Internet, me too!” - Jack

Isn't that the response you want for you business?