Thursday, January 25, 2007

Which Source Do You Satisfy?

An SEM Question...

Should you focus your search campaign on Google and just Google? ... or try to optimize for all the engines?

I lean towards ranking well in Google first... after all it is the 400 lbs. gorilla of the engines. So work to please their algorithm and the rest be damned?

That's not want I am saying. Let's take a step back. What is working on your site?

Look to your metrics... where is the traffic coming from?

What is converting the highest?

Regardless of the medium, be it search engines or social media communities or affiliate marketing, first follow the traffic. Look at the Search Engine Referrals. If you get your traffic mainly from Yahoo... then you need to push your optimization just for Yahoo and the rest be damned?

That is not what I'm saying either.

Traffic is great, but conversions are better. What manes are converting the best?

That is what your campaign should go after. And don't obsess about individual ranking on its face. In other words, you might have great top 5 ranking on Yahoo but what if your MSN ranking of #24 brings in twice as many names or paid subs? Smarter to then optimize for MSN, right?

I always say "..the answers are in the numbers."

You need to review your logs and go with what your goals are... be it traffic, free names or sales.

Generally speaking... in most cases Google is King. Google is the webs most used engine so it's probably going to be Google that you need to optimize pages for.

But I hate relying on just one source... so I suggest mixing it up a bit. Optimize some pages for Yahoo, some for MSN & some for Google. And then check your web logs and see the results - they may surprise you.

Some are afraid to test their optimization techniques in fear that it might work moderately well in Yahoo & MSN - but push them down to the mid-hundreds in the cash cow Google. But that is why we test, right?

Heck, if it brings in twice as many names... who cares! It's not about ego of ranking its about achieving your conversion goals.


You never know for sure until you test it. In fact you just might find an even better way to optimize!