Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Create a Free Report and Acquire Names

Happy New Year! Hello 2007!

Hung over... or still drunk?

My son wants to have a New Years party every night. We'll keep up the Friday night dance party but - ugh - no thanks. Of course, when your 4 years old... isn't every night New Years Eve?

Let's get back to name collection...

You are giving away value with a free eletter. (Good for you) Your content is great... and in exchange for that content the reader gives up an email address… a great deal on both sides right?


But if you want to increase your collection conversion rate... and I know you do... then give away a free report to get leads to subscribe. Yep that's right, a free report AND a free content rich eletter for that ever valuable email address.

It's worth it!

Giving away free reports always works in direct mail, and via the web for sales, so why wouldn't it work with free name collection? I've tested it and yes it works.

Your report will have a high perceived value especially if it addresses a hot current topic or idea, and thus, bring in more names than the free eletter offer alone. The more current the topic the greater the name collection. Just make sure the report is relevant to the eletter otherwise you’ll still get names, but they won’t convert into buyers later. The best case scenario would have the eletter editor writing your free report.

So you have a great new report… you can sell it for $29.99 or give it away with a free subscription to your eletter... what do you do?

Don't get suckered in with the up-front dollar signs... concentrate on the long-term benefit to the business. Give it free.

The money is in the name - go get it!