Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blocking the Blockers

Pop-up ads by their very nature are difficult to ignore or overlook, and historically have been more effective than any other type of Internet ad for name collection.

Technically speaking a web page delivers a pop-up window by writing a command into the page that is triggered when requested… So simply speaking, a blocker just looks for that command and prevents it.

To avoid the blocker… avoid using that command. Simple.

Just use something else...

Like what?

Flash... Some marketers are using pop-ups generated using Adobe Flash. Since the pop-up blockers are not looking to stop a Flash command it bypasses the pop-up blocker.

Others make the new window appear as a Microsoft browser window rather than an ad. You do this via writing the command in JavaScript or DHTML within the Web page.

For example...a successful method used today is a “hover ad” which can best be described as a combination of a banner ad and a popup window. It uses DHTML to appear in front of the browser screen.

JavaScript allows for you ad to be superimposed over a webpage in a transparent layer. I use a Java "post it note" very effectively to collect names.

I also like a JavaScript that looks like advert breaking through the clicked on promotion to expose my free name offer underneath. ooh...

If you don't have time to learn and or use these scripts… all is not lost. You can still get around the blocker and get your free offer viewed.

Use a sidebar. Put your pop up copy in a side bar, make it stand out with color or bolding in the promotion and all will see it. Simple... you want eyes to see your offer and the side bar woks without any delution in sales. Plus... it's less annoying than a traditional pop up and you'll get just as many sign ups.

Ok… maybe not the same amount of sign ups… seems as though the numbers are starting to fall. But nonetheless, it will keep you in business.