Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shave Your Yeti

“There is precious little in civilization to appeal to a Yeti.”
~Edmund Hillary, New Zealand mountain climber and first to successfully climb Mount Everest
One more example of viral link bait. Or as the Python-heads say,

"Now for something completely different..."

The "Shave Your Yeti" page is ridiculous and stupid. I just love it.

It displays an electric razor and a yeti. Go ahead try it... Shave Your Yeti.

It's just a simple, fun page that does not even mention the company that created it. Not in the URL nor the flash programming. The company is Polartec and except for the small copyright at the bottom, you wouldn't have any idea what this is, or who is doing it.

However, once you shave the Yeti completely, you then dress your victim in Polartec clothes.

It then gets silly... as if it's not silly yet, eh?

But as you laugh... you learn about Polartec. It's pure genius.

It's a great example of a creative, interactive distraction that is more viral than link bait.... but nonetheless pushes the company in a positive way.

If I had launched this I may have done things different.... but you have love the creativity. Please do yourself and favor and go shave the yeti.