Saturday, May 12, 2007

Still Learning

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese Proverb
Attention all CVoD loyal readers... I may not be able to post over the next week as I have a speaking engagement coming up. I will be discussing web marketing at the Chateau de Courtomer in Normandy France. (I am told they have Internet access but I can't guarantee that.)

The Chateau is owned by a company I have great respect for... in fact I hope to learn more from my fellow speakers than I think I'll actually teach in my lecture. Boy that sounds bad, huh?

That's beacause I'll have the privilege of hearing one of my mentors on marketing and business building.

The conference will also address copy writing, brainstorming for package development, launching a product, list research, market analysis, the seminar business... to name just a few.

I hope to post a nugget or two during my stay, if not I certainly will upon my return.

Keep bringing in names...


PS - I am sure you are thinking, " can he do this to his wife with a newborn in the house?" Hehehe... I know. This certainly was not in our plans but she understands the opportunity. Plus, we just hired a nanny who will start the day I leave. So wish us luck.