Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Take Control Of Your Index

“Search is the ultimate expression of the power of the individual, using a computer, looking at the world, and finding exactly what they want.” – Eric Schmidt, Google CEO
I look up the sites I work with often on Google and Yahoo. Do you?

You should...

You need to keep track of what pages are indexed, and what isn't. Track how long it takes a new page to be indexed. Keep track of your back links and always keep a look out for errors.

My point is... it's important that you take control of what content on your site is indexed by engines.

We have talked about using a robots.txt file or the robots meta tag and we've talked about the "no follow" tag. But what if you want to remove content that's already been indexed. What's the best way to do that?

When I have questions like these I always check out the Google Webmaster Tools and blog. There you will find most of the answers to your questions... and if you can’t find the answer… write them and ask.

Google is very user friendly. Very marketing friendly. They want to help you market your site better.


Of course, it's good business. They want your site full of quality content so they can list your site or an indexed page of your site to answer the search queries for their users. The more relevant the substantial material they can rank high, the more the initial query will be answered.

Nothing is worse for both the searcher and the engine than to have a search query without an answer.

Plus, Ad Words is such a great place to find an audience... let me tell you they want you to use it as much as you can afford.

If you haven't noticed... Google has cornered the market on all things search and all things Internet marketing.

AND Ad Words is the NUMBER ONE place to do Internet marketing. BAR NONE!

It’s where Google is making it’s Billions!

So Google will help you use their services... all the way to the bank. They'll help you get traffic and help you make money on it with Google AdSense. They'll help you get names and help you raise your site rank.

...'cause they'll make more money.

Hey don't get me wrong, I love Google... it's amazing what they have done. But let's call a spade a spade.

Nonetheless, please see this great post by Goggle’s Vanessa Fox, Product Manager of Webmaster Central:

Requesting removal of content from Google's index



PS - Google's strategic placement as the place to be on the web reminds me of the scene from Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man (2005) where the great Paul Giamatti plays the fighter Jim Braddock’s manager Joe Gould and he's trying to get his next fight scheduled. He has to convince boxing promoter Jimmy Johnston, played by Bruce McGill of Animal House fame.
Joe Gould: “You got guys fighting an elimination series… over who gets a shot at Max Baer for the championship in June. John Henry Lewis, he's your number two in line. Now, he already defeated Braddock once in Frisco, correct?

"Say you put Braddock back in the game against Lewis. Lewis wins, you get your revenge on Braddock... and your boy has gotten a topflight tune-up... with full publicity before Lasky, and what happens?

"You make more money.

"Now, say on the other hand, by some minute, infinitesimal chance... God forbid, Braddock beats Lewis. Now you got a sentimental favorite to go up… and lose against Lasky, and what happens?

"You'll make more money.

"James, either way... you're a richer man with Braddock back in the ring than if he's not.

"Come on, don't be foolish. We both know the name of this game. And it sure as hell ain't pugilism.”

Jimmy Johnston: “They ought to put your mouth in a circus.”