Monday, March 05, 2007

The Peeps Have Spoken

...stop guessing how your online business is doing and go ask your peeps! - CVoD, 02.13.07
Sage advice I'd say. So with my new eletter I recently asked our readers a couple of questions. One of which was, "Tell us how we're doing?"

Here's a sample of what they said...


"An interesting perspective, and an insightful read"

"Very interesting and informative. I look forward to reading it each time."

"I think that there is no substitute for being there and living it, which is what you, the author have done. Although education is very good, experience is one of the best teachers, so draw your own conclusion!!!!!"

"I can't wait for the next issue."

"I enjoy reading it and thought of a few people that would benefit from reading it."

"Good insights."

"Great and trustworthy. I usually read every word."

"Excellent as always."

"I love the info... you aren't afraid to say you don't know it all, but you present what you do know in a lucid and concise manner."

"I usually read all of each one and continue to get something from them. Yesterday's was especially good & today's was very informative. Keep up the good work.. "

"Very enlightening, informative and interesting."

"I think you are honest and plan on subscribing to [your paid newsletter]"

"Excellent as always... I like the nice homey way of writing - as if you were talking to a friend."

"I think you are honest, even though it must hurt at times. Keep up the good work and I will keep my subscription going until St. Peter cancels it."

"I like to know my financial people as well as possible. You write about your personal feelings as if we were part of your family. I like that."

"I am very pleased with the tone and content of the newsletter, if for no other reason that you have a good take on life in general."

"I enjoy reading your insight & find it very stimulating."

"I trust you..."

"It is straight forward and not preachy. "

"Enjoy the personal musings in conjunction with the thought trends regarding the financial situation"

" is excellent which on average all issues have been. It is nice to get a letter which is timely, written in plain English and does not (unduly) push the reader to spend money on something he does not want"

"Your issues are frosting on [your paid pub] report, and I love frosting."

"Interesting insights to some things that we don't always think about."

"Useful and entertaining information"

"I enjoyed reading it. It was concise and to the point. I'm not a fast reader and enjoy short letters more than long papers."

"Excellent - I really like the way you explain why you suggest certain stocks such as today.

"I really enjoy this email. Keep up the good work.",


Don't just build a business - build a community, eh?

So... are you going to do a survey now?

Me thinks you will - you'd be crazy not to.