Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 Components For Success

Before we get back into Retention... my friend and colleague Kim Mateus, Editor & Publisher of the Mequoda Group, asked to republish a Daily Reckoning landing page test I did awhile back. I, of course, agreed without hesitation. As such, I thought you'd want read it.

The article from the Mequoda Daily eletter is published below. To view the original posting, a link to the article on the Mequoda site is at the end of the article. Enjoy....

How email newsletters, conversion architecture
and incentives will help build your audience.
By Adam T. Sutton, Managing Editor, Mequoda Group

Online marketing expert and ecommerce guru Andrew Palmer ran a campaign last year to build subscriptions to Agora’s free email newsletter, The Daily Reckoning. Palmer tested a self-titled “free on free” offer that gave every user who signed up for The Daily Reckoning a free special report titled Real Asset Explosion: Make Ten Times Your Money in the Astounding Resource Boom of 2006-2007.

The tactic was a success. It generated 17 to 55 percent more signups than solely offering a Daily Reckoning subscription and further solidified Agora Financial as a leading website publisher. Lessons taken from Agora’s example, combined with marketing research from the Mequoda Research Team, have helped us identify three essential components to a successful online marketing system.

Email Newsletters - should be free and frequent. An email newsletter must contain valuable content, a featured product and links to the product’s sales letter landing page.

Strong Conversion Architecture - is essential in capturing relevant users and directing them to a conversion—such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. Prime examples of strong conversion architecture include deploying OFIEs, OFINs and floaters that drive traffic to rapid conversion landing pages. Publishers should also drive all pay-per-click efforts to rapid conversion landing pages, as Agora did.

Incentives - act as a catalyst for acquiring new customers. They can be free downloads or products that instantly gratify users in exchange for their email address.

These three online marketing system components will increase a publisher's database of names and bring a publisher’s product to more users more frequently. These components, however, are only part of the entire Mequoda Internet Marketing System, designed specifically to acquire, build and monetize the publisher/user relationship.

By attending the Mequoda Internet Marketing for Publishers Executive Webinar, publishers can learn how to fully establish an effective Internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing and online publishing expert Don Nicholas will present the details of a proven marketing system that produces regular, predictable and quantifiable results.


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Originally published March 14, 2007