Friday, February 16, 2007


Today I write this blog post shocked... overjoyed... and somewhat speechless.

For those of you that know me, I'd bet that you're surprised to hear that. You know me as full of piss and vinegar... or as my Irish grandmother would say I was born with the gift of gab.

But I sit here speechless... dumbfounded... all because of Google PPC.

Oh sweet... Google. Our love hate relationship continues... and today, be it two days late... "..would you be my valentine?"

I consider myself a well-crafted Internet marketer... educated and experienced in all aspects. I don't consider myself a PPC guru, but I'm no slouch either.

"Don't kid yourself, you're in credible slouch!" - thank you Chevy Chase.

I've been doing PPC for several years and successfully without question. But what happened in the last 24 hours is my best result ever. Let me explain...

I'm looking to acquire a free name. An e-letter subscriber to a financial missive. In exchange for the email address I'm giving away a free special report. Fair trade, eh?

Hehehe - we know better.

I created a simple page... with fulfillment upon confirmation screen and email welcome letter.

The results after 24 hours...

- 1,310,399 impressions
- 3,973 clicks
- 0.30% click through rate %
- $0.60 average cost per click
- 1,410 names collected
- 35.49% conversion rate %
- $2,364.87 total cost
- $1.68 cost per name acquired

Let me repeat a 35.49% conversion rate!

"I'm a little verklempt… Talk amongst yourselves..."

"I'll give you a topic."

"The shocking end to the Internet’s “dot com” revolution was neither a shock nor the end of the Internet. Discuss."

Until next week... keep the names coming in.