Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making Bounce Rates Sexy

“Folks still remember the day ole Bob Riley came bouncing down that dirt road in his pickup. Pretty soon, it was bouncing higher and higher. The tires popped, and the shocks broke, but that truck kept bouncing. Some say it bounced clean over the moon, but whoever says that is a goddamn liar.” ~ Jack Handey, American Humorist
The purpose of the Create Value or Die blog is to teach. Teach online marketing and all that comes with it. Today I found a blog post that gave one of the best explanations of Bounce Rates that I've ever read.

If you are not familiar a "bounce rate" measures the percentage of people who come to your website and leave "instantly". It measures quality of traffic you are acquiring, and if it's the proper traffic then it can help you find on your site where your content is failing you.

I started writing about this and I said to myself, "Self... you just found a fantastically clear explaination on bounce rates... stop writing and just republish the damn article."

So here it is... Bounce Rate: Sexiest Web Metric Ever?
Written by Avinash Kaushik a web Analytics Evangelist.

If you suffer from a high bounce rate just don't stand there... do something about it.

Start testing copy, headlines, navigation, etc. You are losing opportunity dollars. AND worse if it's your paid pages (PPC) that are bouncing you're losing real dollars.

Don't be a victim of a big bounce.