Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mid-Year Inventory

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the France, (1769–1821)
It's the end of June 2007. Next stop 2008.

Am I getting ahead of myself? Probably.

The year is half over. No time to pat oneself on the back, time better spent figuring out how to make the last half of the year more productive. We need more names, higher conversions and more testing. But what the heck, let's reflect a whee bit.

My last Google campaign just ended yesterday. My "10 Low-Priced Stocks to Buy Now" report has gone to greener pastures.

May it Rest In Peace.

What a great report and a fantastic campaign. It helped me bring in more than 50,000 free subscribers since it's launch mid February. It was A/B tested 6 times and multi-variate tested three different times. We ended up with 40 different versions of teaser copy... all leading to one control.

The campaign was battle tested and strong. So much so that on its final day, it took it's last breath with an 18% conversion. That is 18% after 5 months. Only constant testing kept it alive and profitable.

If that doesn't get you to start testing, then just leave now. Stop reading this blog immediately. Walk away and go do something else.

What's next?

I have a campaign launching tomorrow based on "5 Top Income Stocks." This is a more niche effort and I expect the volume numbers to be lower. And that is just fine.

We are looking to bring in more conservative and causous investors to the list. Readers that we can up sell our "value" investing products.

This campaign will get me through the summer. Come September 4th, we launch the next blockbuster. What's the subject?

You'll just have the keep reading, eh?

What else do I have planned this summer?

More time outside digging holes in the garden. Sweating, and sweating more. The pic is the border of the patio taken two weeks ago, with my shy and quiet boy in the foreground. It needs water... but all of Maryland needs water. It never seems to rain here.

After that?

Work...playing baseball with my son... making my daughter laugh... enjoying a beverage with the wife... perhaps a vacation to the Baltic come August.

We'll see.

The one thing for certain is all the while I'll be bringing in names, and thinking of how my efforts can be more productive before 2008 is upon us.